Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OUR RESPONSE: Life Springs Childrens Home and School

Last Monday afternoon, a fierce inferno razed to ashes Springs of Life Children’s home in Kibera.  The fire was allegedly caused by a neighbors’ stove. A home that shelters about 30 children and further hosts a school with 300 pupils is now totally down!

This is our response as The Hanger Project. And we need your help.

We would like to donate items such as food, clothes, shoes, cups and mugs among many other available things to the 30 children, and the school, just to get things running already. We will be digging deep in our resource bank to see what we have.

We are requesting if you have stuff to donate to let us know on our website and or our facebook page. You can also get us on

Please visit us at

Here are some of the photos. Feel free to share on your wall and hit us up!

We will continue to share with you the progress of the response!

Thank you.



You know a good idea when you hear one! Ask Rachel Gathoni Muiruri, the just recently appointed Foundation Manager at the Kenya Commercial Bank Group Foundation. (The KCB Foundation)


Literate Kenya, headed by the core team of Samuel Macharia, CEO, Scofield Yoni Muliru, Chief Operations Officer and the amazing Sophy Ngele, Organizational Secretary had an opportunity to meet with the KCB Foundation staff, presenting the overall idea and the dream to raise the levels of education within the country and we can say she was utterly impressed.

It was further agreed in principal that the KCB Foundation, together with Radio Africa Group will partner with Literate Kenya to realize the vision. The meeting shared timelines, critical path schedules and the need to kick off.

A meeting has been planned for next week to further work out the details of the partnership, and fine tune the way forward.

We would like to appreciate Rachel and Pauline at the foundation office for their interest, and their willingness to join in and support.

Let the dreams come alive!

Please join in and support. 


Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Whhhaaaaa!!!! It’s been long. Very long. Aki am trying to make sure I blog consistently.

We are always up to good news and ideas. And an amazing one just came up this week. We, at Sprint Interactive, had been looking for strategic partners for The Hanger Project. And we were hard at it. We even got a couple of offers that we really considered but nothing much came of it. Until we met the LITERACY KENYA guys!
 Still students in Anthropology at University of Nairobi, (They insist we call it THE UNIVERSITY, but we all know Daystar is The Daystar University… am just saying!), they young men and woman have already decided that their path would be to elevate the education standards of other Kenyans who might not have the opportunity.

Just this year alone, they will have taken books to needy students in all the 47 counties. And to top it up, they envision a situation where there will be top performance in every county a norm. They have vision 2023, on paper. With every distribution time they have, we shall join them as The Hanger Project and under the overall The CSR Company banner! This is one major partnership, and indeed we thank the Lord!

In the words of Jeff Koinange, it’s just pure smoke.

Ladies, and Gentlemen, I introduce to you Literate Kenya. Follow us and let’s see where the journey leads us with them.

More info as the story unfolds.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Hi Everyone,

First of all is to apologize for being under the radar on the blog for some time. We can find really credible reasons why we did not, but they would just be excuses.

The Hanger Project has had a few challenges here and there, especially with time and resource in facilitating the desired growth, and meet the set objectives. Remember we want to build a free resources with a constant 1,000,000, yes, 1 million items to give away.

This here is a re-commitment to the project.


This coming week, we begin a thorough Rapid Results Initiative that will see us harness everything we have and can, and within 100 days beginning March 1, we will be on a fast track to achieving a constant clothes and donations bank.

Apart from that, we still need help, and it would be good to have the donations come through. So if you have any items of donations with you, please let us know!

Also, beginning monday, we start a social media campaign for the project. We will be giving our T-Shirts and cups of coffee.

Thank you, and God bless!



Thursday, January 27, 2011


One month into the New Year. And we are still at it. It’s been slow, very slow, but we are hopeful it will pick up soon.

Along the way, we have had some amazing support from Consolidated Bank, Harambee Avenue branch, and the Kenya Commercial Bank Foundation.

Time has come for RE-STRATEGIZING about the whole program and the whole process to make it better, fun and more fruitful.

1.    Our big need it to appear more and remind people what we are doing, more than anything else. And so publicity is going to be a daily thing and target for us.

2.    We are further planning a Rapid Results Initiative to enhance and draw in support and partnership.

3.    Volunteering and getting helping hands is also going to be key.

4.    Finally, we also need to really bring in finances to execute the clothes therapy and actually transport all these things.

5.    We need to get a holding area close to town in order to make it easy to commute and communicate.

Pray with us, and support us by spreading the word and donating also.

As the week comes to an end and the new one coming, we shall be giving you more and more information.

God bless you all!